Creating your travel policy is one of the leading factors in your business travel management process. With HISgo, you can manage your business travel processes in 100% compliance with your travel policies. You can determine the rules and processes in accordance with your institution's policy.

Compliance with Your Company Policy

In order to plan and manage your business trips in the best way, you can optimize the entire travel process in accordance with your institution, thus achieving minimum cost and maximum time savings.

Process Compliant with Your Travel Policy

Our Travel policy management tools will help you organize many of your need ssuch as business trips, payments, reporting, auditing, reservation and purchasing procedures, budget control, exceptions and rules, authorized and unauthorized expenses, corporate and traveling employee responsibilities, travel information, supplier resources and visas.
You can shape and manage all important issues such as passport details in accordance with your policy and carry out your transactions with HISgo.

Flexibility in your Business Travels

Your Travel policy, which controls all of the travels in full detail and closely concerns many departments in your instutition allows you to freely plan your travels, balance your budget and provide workforce safety within the boundries drawn by you. With the Travel policy you determine, you can prevent unknown expences, increase savings and plan more business travels. HISgo enables you to manage your own travels with the Travel policy you determine.

Risk Management and Safety

The Travel policy, which is of utmost importance in protecting your employees, optimizing costs and planning more business travels, also enables you to keep security at maximum and manage risk more effectively. When planning your business travels with HISgo, you are also able to manage risk with your Travel policy.