In order for you to be able to organize your business travels more easily and professionaly, HISgo’s option reminder module will be of great help. With the advantage of Reservation reminders, you can reap the benefits of buying plane tickets and making reservations in a system which carefully plans everything for you.

Special Ticketing Time for your Plane Ticket needs

There are two different steps in the ticket transactions made through the system, purchasing and making reservations. When you book a flight, airlines fix the price and create a special ticketing time for you.

Reservation Tracking

The reservation period, which is sent to you in ticket reservation processes, is closely followed by HISgo. Thus, the system sends you a notification which reminds you that the end of the ticketing period for your reservation is approaching.

Professionalism in Ticketing Processes

HISgo's passenger-friendly option reminder module, where you can easily carry out your online travel transactions through a single platform, has been professionally designed for you to  be able to find suitable  plane tickets without missing any opportunities.