At HISgo, you can plan your business trips in accordance with your company policies and take control of your processes online with daily, weekly or monthly reports. Thus, you can control your budget and manage your expenses while organizing your business trips.

One-Click Reporting

You can generate reports of all transactions you need for your business trips and manage your business travel processes with a single click. You can save time and money with HISgo, which allows you to manage travel with a reliable and easy infrastructure.

Online Reporting System

Reporting your business trips is very important for process management. With HISgo, you can easily create instant online reports, check the compliance of the processes with your travel policy, and manage your expenses. With its advanced technological infrastructure, you can check the corporate travel reports that your institution needs online at any time.

Smart Reporting

With the HISgo smart reporting system, you can control your expenses by creating reports for your budget and expenses. You can report, record and even archive all your movements with the smart reporting system, which also provides the opportunity to control the entire process by preventing over-limit and extra-budgetary expenditures.

Analysis and Optimization

With up-to-date data and global experience, we both save money for your company and help you discover new insights. Travel reports are analyzed for a better travel experience; needs optimization to contribute to the growth of businesses by developing the right strategies. With HISgo, you can make smart trips by analyzing and optimizing your business trips.

Clear Reports

Instead of complex and hard-to-read reports, you can create plain and understandable reports, quickly scan the items you want to see for business travel management with the special filtering system, and simply read the report.

Real Time Data

A good report is based on up-to-date and real data. HISgo's online reporting system is real-time and instantly reflected in corporate travel reports. Thus, you can see and control your expenses wherever and whenever you want.