We provide budget optimization up to 20% with profit and loss reports. We help you manage costs so you can travel more for less.

Smart Reporting and Archiving Systems

With the HISgo smart reporting system, you can control your expenses by creating reports for your budget and expenses. You can report, record and even archive all your activities with the smart reporting system, which also provides the opportunity to control the entire process by preventing over-limit and extra-budgetary expenditures.

Approval Mechanism

In HISgo, you can plan your business trips in accordance with your company policies and easily manage expenses with the advantage of the approval mechanism. With the approval mechanism, where you can control your business travel expenses closely and easily, you can see how much is spent on what, and you can take your budget under control by setting a limit.

Budget Control

With the advanced technological infrastructure of HISgo, you can create the corporate travel reports your organization needs online and check them at any time. You can extract the reports you want to see and manage your business travel processes with one click.