Corporate travel consultancy covers all reporting, tracking, management and planning processes of corporate travel or business travel. Corporate travel consultancy, which covers not only hotel or flight reservations but also many details such as risk management, logistics and financial issues, health and safety measures, is the way a company manages all business-related travel dynamics for its employees.

Professional Corporate Travel Consultancy

As an institution, do you have a working model where business trips are frequently made? Or you need to travel for business but don't know where to start? In both cases, the basic solution you need will be corporate travel consultancy. Your business travel needs increase at the same rate when you grow your potential, increase your visibility, build partnerships and raise your goals. Thus, there will be an increase in business trips planned throughout the year. The increase in the number of employees who will make business trips in your company also creates more workload in planning and managing travels, and dealing with all these details requires concentration and time.
And that’s why we are here. We are here to help you organize your business travel processes and get professional corporate travel consultancy.

All-in-One Solutions for Business Travel

With HISgo, the online business travel platform, you can simplify your seemingly complex travel processes with proactive solutions and services. HISgo has all the solutions you need from hotel and flight reservations, events and organizations, car rental and transfer services, to budget management and reporting. Thus, you can easily, efficiently and effectively manage your employees' travel schedule while saving time and money.

Maximum Benefit in Travel Plans

At HISgo, all your business trips are organized with maximum benefit and promise transparency. Which, in turn, will allow you to easily organize your planning and increase your productivity while managing your business trips. HISgo offers real-time viewing of business travelers' data. By doing so, it prevents you from experiencing e-mail and phone traffic.

Customized Travel Experience

The travel needs of every sector and every institution are not the same. That's why you need services and solutions that meet the needs of your industry, both locally and globally. HISgo provides customized corporate travel consultancy for your institution and helps you organize your travel processes smoothly by developing tools that are compatible with your goals.

Compliance with Corporate Dynamics

With HISgo, you can manage your business travel in your own way. As an institution, you may have habits and a dynamic of your own. HISgo gives you this flexibility and gives you the opportunity to make the right planning and strategy for your company. HISgo has a system that complies with your company's rules and travel policy.

New Vision in Your Business Travels

With HISgo's professional corporate travel consultancy, all support for your travel program instills a new vision. With the corporate travel consultancy you will receive on a global scale, you can get consultancy at the countries’ own standards and make a difference with travel services specific to your sector.