With its rule-creation mechanism and online tracking infrastructure, you can manage your expenses on HISgo and save up to 20% by optimizing your Travel expenses.

Savings up to 20%

HISgo determines the most suitable corporate Travel solutions for you by following the rules you create.
You may create online reports, follow processes at any place and time and optimize your budget and planning with HISgo.

Save On Time and Money

You can choose between 500.00 associate Hotels and cheap flight tickets and make your Reservations affordably before starting your trip. The budget and the limits of the corporate Travel you will be having provides you with the option to maximize your expense management and savings.

Plan and Follow on Graphs

HISgo prepares graphs in order to allow you to follow your Travel plans and spendings as fast and precisely as possible.
With these graphs, you can check spendings done during your corporate travels on a Daily, weekly and monthly basis.
You can also classify the graphs depending on corporate departments in your organizations, place spending limits and follow.

 Compliance with Travel Policies

You can integate your business trips to your Travel policies and effectively control your budget.
On HISgo, you can find solutions suitable for your corporation’s Travel policies and make it so that your travels comply with budget limitations that you set.