Why His go?

Global Supplier Inventory

All major hotels, car rental, insurance etc. are integrated with third party consolidation companies. Global travel content provides the best rates for business travelers.

Travel Expense Reporting

Today, Travel expenses are a major part of the organization's spending. Hisgo Travel Expense Reporting System provides a complete creation of expense report to business travelers. Provides online review and approval for administrators.

Creating a Business Explorer Profile

The hassle-free operation of internal travel policies and the reservation that defines the various corporate profiles are very important for the workflow. This allows you to present a variety of corporate profiles based on assignment, department and user roles.

Individual Reservation With Approval System

With hisgo.com.tr you can make all your corporate reservations here without needing anyone. A well-designed travel policy and approval system is the cornerstone of an effectively managed travel program. Travel policy with clear instructions can protect companies from great costs.